Hands: Guest Post

today I have a guest post up over on Cara Strickland’s blog Little Did She Know.

Cara has a series going called de(tales). It’s all about the joy of writing about the little things. She invited me over to share, and I wrote a post about my son and his hands.

His hands are small.
His little fists fit into the palm of my hand, and I am reminded that he is still a small boy. After four years of growth, I forget that he is still my baby, my little guy. I remember thinking about how small and tender his hands were when he first grasped my fingers as an infant. I’m still reminded of how small and tender he is when he holds my hand as we walk down the street…

Read the rest over at Little Did she Know.

The Stories We Tell

I keep thinking about my funeral. I wonder what people will wear to come see my body be buried. Will it be open casket, where all can gaze at my corpse? Will it be a memorial service where some pastor gives a sermon and asks if people know where they will end up just asContinue Reading