Prayer before the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision


There is so much injustice.

I sit in silence for lack of words to talk about it.

People are being killed by the ones appointed to ‘keep the peace’.

Young black men are being killed instead of peace being kept.

Grand juries convene to dispense justice that we all hope for, yet the air is pregnant with the expectation that justice will be far from the verdict passed down.

Our President urges the people rising up to do so peacefully, when war seems to be raining down on their heads.

I hurt for those being hurt.

Where is your hand, your sovereign hand of justice?

Where is your mercy?

Oh Lord, come quickly and deliver the oppressed from the hands that look so much like mine.

Christ have mercy.

The Changing of The Muse

I used to rely on my mania. After all, don’t these mood disorders bring creativity? Aren’t those touched with the divine fire of art also touched with madness? That’s what people say anyways. They say that people like Van Gogh were so creative and meaningful because of the madness they suffered, that somehow the depression…Continue Reading