I’m Just Quiet

Summertime has always been my least productive time to write.

I don;t know what it is about the summer days, but my ideas seem to dry up with the heat. I just don’t know what to write about. Added to that, this summer has been a volatile time, changing jobs, family stress, worry about finances. Needless to say, my blogging has fallen to the back burner in the past three months or so.

I’ve still been writing, though. I’m over a Bedlam Magazine once a month or so, My newest article over there is about my cynicism fatigue and leaning into hope. I’ve also had a few guest posts out there, one for Micah Murry on three things I learned about blogging (by not blogging) and one for Seth Hains about recovering from the addiction to chaos.

I’ll get back to blogging here soon. I have some ideas in the works already. Mostly, I wanted to tell you I’m not dead, just quiet for now, like I am every summer. I’m looking forward to fall and getting back into the rhythm of writing for this space.

Raise Hell

Raise hell. Make some ruckus. Turn over some tables. Throw out the bath water. Light something on fire. Raise a rebel yell. Raise some hell. Raise some hell in the pews that sit quietly in our churches. Make the ground quake under the foundations of our meeting houses from the stomping of your feet. Don’t… Continue Reading

Here is Love

I got a tattoo. I had something etched on my skin because I believe it with my whole heart. I put ink into my flesh because I never want to forget. This is love: the cross Jesus died upon. My tattoo echoes the words of 1 John 4.10, “In this is love, not that we… Continue Reading

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