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We are Judas

Judas gets a bad rap. We think of him as the betrayer, as the bad guy. We paint him to be one of the villains in the Passion of Christ. He’s the sellout, giving up his soul for just thirty pieces of silver. I think we need to reevaluate how we see Judas. I think… Continue Reading

Why Christian?

It’s all broken. This religion we have, this spirituality, this relationship. It’s a mess. It’s broken, shattered into a million pieces that we are scrambling to make sense of. It’s fractured by suffering, by doubt filled hope, by questions with no real answers. It’s broken by despicable actions of other people, people claiming to be… Continue Reading

Man Enough- Book Review

I hate books for men. I never relate to them. They show me a version of masculinity (often called ‘biblical’) that is far removed from the reality of my life. I feel like men’s ministry’s in churches do this too. They focus on some cultural ideals of masculinity (often pitted against the feminine) and make… Continue Reading

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