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Living with her Mental Illness

Today, I am guest posting for Jane Halton. She has been doing a series about living with someone with mental illness. It’s been a very honest, touching, and hard series to follow. the people that have written have done out of love, but this is a hard subject to talk about.

I hope that you will take some time and check out my post, as well as the rest in the series.

It’s more than grumpy.

It’s the panic attacks we have lived through. It’s the darkness of the depression. It’s the cutting. It’s the days I have missed work to be home with her because I was scared to leave her alone. It’s the irrational arguments. It’s the stress and anxiety. It’s more than just grumpy.

My wife is diagnosed with general Anxiety disorder, PTSD, agoraphobia, OCD, and depression.

It is hard sharing a house with these illnesses. It’s hard sharing my wife with these illnesses. But that is the reality of living with my wife who has a mental illness. I have to share her with her disease.  It’s hard sharing my wife with such an invisible illness.

Read the rest over at Jane’s blog.

The Voice In The Wild

There is always a voice. There is always something shouting in the wilderness, protesting the status quo. There is always a voice declaring the coming kingdom of God, challenging the powers and principalities of this world, and speaking welcome to all that will come. There is always a voice that lives in the margins, away…Continue Reading