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Suicidal Ideation

Trigger warning: I’m going to be talking about suicidal thoughts in this post. Please proceed with caution if this is something you (like me) live with. I’ve never tried to kill myself. I came close once. The only thing that prevented me from going through with it was the inability to find my dad’s gun… Continue Reading

A Pastor is Not a Therapist

I have all sorts of issues. I have problems that I need help working through. Life gets confusing for me, anxiety and depression dog my days, and I have some self-worth issues that I can’t overcome on my own. I need help navigating towards healing and wholeness, towards an integrated, healthy life. I’m a mess… Continue Reading

What’s it like to live with bipolar?

Today I am speaking at an event called Shattering Stigma. It’s a collection of personal stories about people living with mental illness. Below is the core of my brief talk. /// Everyone wants to know what bipolar feels like. It’s hard to put into words because there are two different experiences. I’ll do my best… Continue Reading

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