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A Pastor is Not a Therapist

I have all sorts of issues. I have problems that I need help working through. Life gets confusing for me, anxiety and depression dog my days, and I have some self-worth issues that I can’t overcome on my own. I need help navigating towards healing and wholeness, towards an integrated, healthy life. I’m a mess… Continue Reading

What’s it like to live with bipolar?

Today I am speaking at an event called Shattering Stigma. It’s a collection of personal stories about people living with mental illness. Below is the core of my brief talk. /// Everyone wants to know what bipolar feels like. It’s hard to put into words because there are two different experiences. I’ll do my best… Continue Reading

This Madness Does Not Burn Bright

Somewhere, somehow, we all learned that a creative with a mental illness has a sort of a divine gift, a madness that fuels the creativity in ways that the average man could never achieve. We learned that madness equals creative spark, that depression equals the downside to the artistic peaks, and that the more an… Continue Reading

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