Affirmation and Acceptance

So, I am currently trying to articulate thoughts about the mystery of conversion. Part of this thread of thought is baptism. Here is a bit of what I’m thinking:

Baptism is as much an act of acceptance as it as an act of affirmation. The new believer affirms the community’s confession of faith as true truth and accepts it personally as their own. The community in turn accepts the believer as one of its own and affirms them as a believer in their personal confession of faith.

Any thoughts?

  • baptism is the result of repentance which is the result of belief in the gospel of the kingdom of God. The kingdom is the begining point and it is the chief motivation towards repentance. To quote Jesus, “Repent, the kingdom of God is at hand” {Mark 1.14-15; Matthew 4.17, 23; 9.35; Luke 4.43}

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  • I think baptism is a culmination of accepting Jesus. A person that wants to follow Christ should logically want to be baptized. In my opinion.

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