Wow; Miss Banshee shows up to the party and brings the whole internet with her. 🙂

Why are we doing this? I have no idea…

Seriously, the idea that Christianity is defined by fag-hating, bombing, loud mouthed,  protesting, doosh-nozzles get’s me all heated under the collar.  I’m not the one to judge and say that they really aren’t “saved”… but I will say that there is defiantly some room to learn what grace is. Is sucks that your experience with Jesus followers has been primarily those stories.

I’ve had my own share of exposure to the god to fear. While my catholic school experience was sans nun, plenty of well meaning preachers and pew sitters have shared in word and action that idea of who god is: “fear him cause he’s big and doesn’t really like you or what your doing!” Thing is, when I read the bible, I don’t see the big police dick in the sky.

The book of 1 John was written by one of Jesus’ close friends. John was the guy that Jesus (during his execution) told to take care of his mom. John followed Jesus around for about three years. Then, after Jesus got up from being dead and flew away with the promise to come back, John was one of the main guys to tell people about the Jesus he knew, touched, ate with, and learned from.

Anyways, in this letter John wrote (1 John), he said a couple of things that tell us a lot about God. First, John said, ‘God is love’. Then, John said that the way we can really know what love is (and who God is- his character, intentions, cares, concerns, dreams for us) is by looking at Jesus.

When I look at Jesus, I see perfect love. Not protesting hate-mongering. I see acceptance, an open invitation to be in human relationship with anyone… I see unconditional love.

I want to be like Jesus. Not like organized religion. Not like people who have to make enemies of other human beings.

‘God is love’ has some huge implications for how I view justice, mercy, spirituality, my family, my friends… There is no area of my life it doesn’t effect. I don’t have it all figured out and I don’t have all the answers. All I have is Jesus, who shows us what real, unconditional, unending love is.

Anyways, long winded way to say I always enjoy when I can attempt to tell/show people Jesus: God who is love. For me, that’s part of what this conversation is about.

The other part is listening to what others think, feel, and believe.

You said that when you hear an ambulance, you say a prayer to your god, and the god you were told to fear. First of all, I think your showing us a glimpse of real love by praying for people you don’t know. Good on you! That is rad.

I would like to hear. About the god you pray to and how she/he is different from the god of the frighting nuns and protesting jerks.