Bible Study Geek- The Bible Is Not A Self Help Book

My friend Randy has some good words about The Bible point of the bible and how we end up using it. You should head over to Bible Study Geek and read The Bible Is Not A Self Help Book

This book you are randomly dipping your finger into for help shouldn’t be used that way. You would get more help by dipping your finger into one of those chocolate fountains….

Self-help is overrated. Just fly to God. Fly to God. Fly to Jesus.

  • I’ve heard people refer to the Bible as God’s “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.” Makes me cringe every time I hear it. The bible isn’t an instruction book. It’s a compliation of stories and songs and poems and letters that give us glimpses into the story of God and the story of man. Sometimes I think an instruction manual would be much easier (and shorter!), but God chose to communicate to us through stories, not a step-by-step instruction manual.

    Thanks for the links, Aaron. I’ll have to check them out!

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