So, as of late, my reading has been the suck. I’m trying to get back on track. Here’s where I’m at:


I did finish The Dark Half by Stephen King, and have started on Free Food For Millionaires by Min Jin Lee. On the list is still The Brothers Karamazov and… a few more that I can’t remember.


Update: I did also finish To Own A Dragon by Donald Miller.

I’m still wading through Renewing the Center by Grenz (man, this book is allot heavier than I first thought). Also started reading Bodies in motion and at Rest, a collection of essays about mortality and metaphor by Thomas Lynch.

I do have a “project” that I am working on, and to further that end, I have started reading Creating Web Pages for Dummies.

On the upcomming list: Body Prayer by Doug Pagitt, The Jesus Creed by Scott McKnight (re-read).