I think most of us are burnt out on religion, tired of bigger and better being the church mentality. We are sick to death of the Christianity we see on Sunday not matching up with what we see in the pages of scripture. This is why I really appreciate Victor Cuccia‘s book Steeple Envy. Primary, this book is Vic’s story of finding himself sick and tired of a Christian religion and his ongoing journey to rediscover the Church and Jesus.

Through out his story, Vic openly and lovingly questions practices and underlying motives  we have in our evangelical “super star” church mentality.

“The whole reason I’m writing this book is the share my mind and heart without being influenced by what people think or how they’ll react.”- pg 79

Steeple Envy wasn’t written to toot one man’s horn. The main thrust behind this book is to share the story thus far of Vic, Journey Church and their journey to re-think what it means to be the church. It’s filled with honest questions, and opinions about what Jesus started. It’s also got some crazy cool stories about stuff that God has done among and through Journey Church. Check out the stories behind the 12×12 Love Project. Testimonies like this shout at us all that God is at work and we can be a part of the good things he wants to do. Things don’t have to be status quo; we can live in a sacrificial way and show the love of God to the world.

It’s a great read. If your feeling that discontent with the Sunday show and questioning some of the priorities of Churches, I think you will resound with the book. I found it engaging, easy to read, and a great addition to the ongoing conversation of what the heck it means to be the Church of Jesus.

Coffee stained and approved

Also, I totally spilled coffee on my copy. That only happens on books that I like. Coffee stained and approved!
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for a review. I didn’t ask for it, but man am I grateful for the read. The opinions expressed in this post are my own, and are not influenced by Vic sending me a copy. There is no check in the mail. That’s not how I roll.