Talking about gender issues in Church typically gets one of two responses: either it is declared a “secondary issue” that is a matter of personal opinion and interpretation, or the very idea of “women in ministry” is viewed as a threat to the underlying fabric of the Christian faith. Both of these responses are wrong. after reading Pam Hogeweide‘s first book, Unladylike: Resisting the Injustice of Inequality in the Church, I am convinced that the place women occupy in our churches is a deep issue of justice and not (primarily) a doctrinal issue. I appreciate that Pam shares her story with passion. It is the story of a journey from an egalitarianism to polite complementary and finally to a place of advocating for equality in word and deed. Through her story, Pam begins to discuss topics like women in church leadership, the way we view girls/women in the church, patriarchy, and over all our idea of what it means to be created as man and woman in the image of God.

Honestly, this book has given me much to think about… and I think that’s the point. Women do deserve to have a voice along side their brothers. If we are going to see that happen in our Churches today, we have to think, talk, and act deeply about these complex issues. While it may not be a quick fix or an easy “new fad”, it is a reformation that is happening in hearts and minds. Don’t read this as a feminist book; read it as a call to equality in Christ for everyone who shares the Imago Dei.

Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of Pam’s book for the purpose of review. The views expressed here are my own. I didn’t agree to slant my view one way or another. There is no check in the mail; that’s not how I roll.