From the archives: Advent: what it is and why we wait

Advent is the time we wait for this coming and all it’s implications. Advent is when we wait for the dignity of humanity to be restored. Advent is when we wait for shalom (the overarching peace, harmony, and health of all things in the cosmos) to be renewed. Advent is when we wait for the culpable violation and rape of shalom to finally be judged and for all to be once and for all set right. Advent is when we wait for Jesus who came in a manger and is coming again in majesty, glory, and power.

Why waiting though? Why does the Church year begin with this season of waiting, unfulfillment, longing? Why not begin with Christmas time, easter, something more joyous that the haunting emptiness of waiting?

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  • Wonderfully articulated! My wife and I are waiting to see our son, Judah, as well. She actually just did a guest post on my blog about “Anticipation”– similar to what you were talking about in this! So funny!

    When is your son due?

  • Dustin, this is a resurrected post from my archives. My son is actually here, running around and being an awesome 22mo old. 🙂 So, the anticipation has become reality. Now we experience the joy of seeing him grow and waiting to see what he will become. Still waiting for the completion, so to speak.

  • Aaron, hope all is well.  First time on your blog (we talked on twitter yesterday), really like it.  

    I appreciate this post too.  I’m not sure I ever saw the value in waiting until I started observing advent in an intentional way.  Love your second last paragraph – well said.  

    • Hey Tim, glad to have you stop by. 

      I agree about learning the value of waiting. Advent is something very different, very foreign to us. We want things now, no matter the true cost. But learning to wait, learning to hope preaches hope to us and to the world. Hopefully, in the waiting we can learn to see Jesus.

      Anyways, thanks for checking out the blog. Hope to see you around.

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