Genesis… The beginning. The beginning of time, history, day and night. The beginning of our story, of Yahweh’s interaction with humans. The beginning of it all.

These opening stories of creation leave me with the same thought again and again: God’s very first action toward humanity, the event of our creation, is an action of formation. We are formed, not spoken in to being. His hands got dirty with the earth used to  give us shape. He intimately came close, mouth to mouth, nose to nose, and breathed into us that which we still can’t understand but do experience. Life.

He is involved in our formation in His likeness. If that is His first intention towards us, to see us formed in His likeness, then why would any of His subsequent actions be about anything else? In these verses I see Yahweh’s intention to form us to be what He intends us to be. So, we were formed from the dust and now in the dust of life we are being refashioned.

I am also coming to see that in the same way our mother was built from the rib of Adam, we ourselves are the material Yahweh uses to form others. So, when we realize that we are flesh of each others flesh and bone of each others bone, what shame can there be,  for we have all been formed from dust.