This morning, I received this email from someone who has been following the Georgia prostitution case I commented on last night.

Hey man, I’m a longtime BHT lurker and Georgia resident. This might be relevant to the discussion:

I’m following the bill through the process for a class at Georgia State, and I was there at Lobby Day as the bill was announced. Some good discussion was had regarding the opposition, and some friends of mine actually got to talk to some of them.

The argument they made was that “This is just like when we made birth control legal, and girls started getting pregnant more often, because now it was ‘okay’.” I am not making that up. Literally all of the objections I’ve heard come from either 1. Either not reading the bill, or doing so and lying about what’s in it. Or 2. Disliking the bill because it seeks to help, rather than punish, these boys and girls.

And to the points some others made, it’s important to remember that the lady with the “volunteer”  quote may just be a “watchblogger” but in Georgia, being an awful person who hates children and will use Jesus to get political power doesn’t put you out of the mainstream-it gives you power within it. She may be a wing-nut, but she can still cause a ton of damage. Already the Senator sponsoring the bill is having to work out a compromise with these groups.

That said, it was heartening to see so many middle-aged white folks from various churches coming out in support of the bill-hopefully one day they’ll be seen as the face of Christianity,but right now, Deadwyler and her ilk are hogging that status. (I obviously didn’t mean to exclude others. Just that typically middle aged white christians aren’t who you expect to see supporting such things, and it’s good. In fact, there was amazing diversity present, which was really cool.)

Sigh. People ask me why I’m not Baptist anymore. It’s simple: I converted to Christianity.

Glad you guys are talking about it, and hope this was useful. If you need to, you can read the bill itself here. It’s uncharacteristically short. And I’ll be blogging about it here.

Thanks, and blessings in Jesus,

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This isn’t just another example of “right wing nut job christians” making an ass out of them selves. This is evil and wickedness in our current time and place and people under the name of Jesus are trying to keep change from occurring!

If we don’t stand up, call evil out, and work toward the restoration of all things that Jesus is gonna complete who will? Who is gonna defend the name of Jesus if not you and I? Or are we content to let people think that Jesus and his people are ok with keeping the victim enslaved and letting wickedness fill the earth?