Today, I am guest posting over at Mindy Koenig’s blog. She has begun a series called HUSH, dedicated to talking about some topics that are off-limits or too divisive to talk about at church. First topic, politics. She has had some really thoughtful people offering their words on her blog. I threw my two cents in to wrap up this topic. I hope you’ll go over to Mindy’s site and join the conversation.


I don’t usually talk about politics. I don’t keep up with the issues. In fact the only political news I usually know about is what everyone else is already talking about. I often scratch my head in wonder when Christians identify themselves by a political party. I don’t begrudge anyone that right, I just don’t understand it. Often, I see pick one or two hot topic’s, and claim the party that best represents our feelings on the matter… even when they disagree with other parts of the political platform. Or, I see people buy the party lines hook, line, and sinker, and define their Christianity according to political rhetoric on “the issues”.

Like I said, I don’t get it.

It’s not that I don’t care about politics in America, I just don’t trust the people in power. I don’t trust that the politicians are really representing the interests of the people they are representing. I don’t trust that the news is giving us unbiased facts (on either side). I don’t trust the authorities to care about us the way we expect them to. I don’t trust our political system. It is corrupted by sin, just like every other government in the world. On a good day, I want to say it’s just flawed because all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory. Most days though, I wonder if we will ever be free of power players, greed, and lies in our national leaders.

More than a Democrat or Republican, I’m disillusioned. I don’t have much faith in our political system. The more I see it play out, the less hope I have.

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