Every response we have to the revelation of who Yahweh is and what He does is faulty. Every attempt to record and convey revelation is faulty. There is no exemption, there is no pinnacle to achieve, no lost truth to find. Every expression of worship is faulty; every attempt at prayer is faulty; every Biblical study is faulty.

Yet, God is pleased.

God never asks us to get our theology 100% right. It is never demanded that we recover the one true church (founded on the apostles you know…). We are never required to understand how God brings new life into the unregenerate heart. Our Father doesn’t demand that we understand Him and His ways… He just asks that we take a leap of faith and respond to His invitation to dance.

Now, before I continue, let me be clear: I am not advocating that doctrine does not matter, or that truth should be replaced with some experience of the divine heart! An accusation of that is fight’n words where I come from. Truth matters, and it is not for nothing that Paul admonished Timothy to:

Guard what was committed to your trust…


You must continue in the things which you have learned and been assured of…

The Bible matters. True doctrine and orthodoxy must be Bible birthed. Scripture is our foundation and authoritative appeal because we are never going to find a revelation of the entirety of who God is and what He does outside of scripture because scripture points us to Jesus, and to see Jesus is to see the Father.

So, I am not talking about our truth being faulty… I am talking about our response to the truth being faulty. Another way to say it is that our worship is full of human weakness.

Yet, God is pleased.

Worship can only exist in a God initiated rhythm: Revelation, response, and response to the response. God reveals, we respond, and He responds to our response with further revelation, and so the dance goes. Part of God’s response to our response is instruction. It will always be this way until we see face to face rather than through a dim mirror.

Even with our human limitations, our arrogant logic, our emotional arguments and misconceptions all around, we still struggle to explain the mystery of the ineffable, the glory of salvation accomplished in Jesus, and the beauty of truth revealed by the Holy Ghost…

…And God is pleased.