It's a big question in my head…

This is a theology question, but i hope some people will give some input here.

How is the necessity of accepting the grace of God to find salvation not a transaction? And, if it is a transaction, is it grace?

  • Never really thought about it, Aaron. Off the top of my head, I would assert that the transaction has already occurred through Christ's crucifixion. He paid the price, we simply "accept" the gift of His grace.

  • Chad,
    Right on, I agree. I just have this nagging thing that keeps coming up: if I have to accept it in order to have the assurance of salvation, isn't that a work I have to do to be saved? So isn't then salvation based upon some sort of transaction with God, and not just on his grace?

    Maybe Im just splitting hairs here, but like I said, this keeps nagging at me.

  • I think you are just splitting hairs honestly. We were ransomed yes, transaction that God did on our behalf through himself and has nothing to do with what we do. My 2cents.

  • John


    for the longest time I've viewed transactions as the loss of something for the acquisition of something else. and that is how I view grace. the acceptance of grace costs me nothing so I cannot view it as a transaction but more like a grant or gift. I know this may not fit the traditional concept of a transaction but when was the last time you went into an atm, drew out money and did not have your balance reduced?

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