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This question still rings in my head: how does this gospel you proclaim do anything real in my life and need here and now?

I think (and know from my own experience) this question demands more than a ‘felt need’ response. We can give people food, shelter, clothing, work, etc… In the name of Christ, and while these things are good, they may not be penetrating to the actual hunger, need, cry of the human heart.

People need, more than anything, to know what true life is, what our purpose in living is, and that things can actually begin to move in the direction of real life here, now, in this place. Is that what our churches are offering them?

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    I do wonder what it means if we’re not giving in some way.  I think that “giving” needs to come from a real place too.

    In just under 2 weeks, I’ll be going to El Salvador with a team from my church where I am – in Scarborough, Ontario.  Yesterday, we got to participate in an activity I have never done before.  A small Spanish congregation in Toronto welcomed us to their Sunday service to sing a few songs and to pick up some supplies for El Salvador. 

    First of all, after hearing the amazing Latin rhythms of their worship team, with key changes, our simple structure of songs in the key of D was a very humble offering.  Second, they fed us, not only with a great message on family and interconnected life, but with delicious foods after the service.  Third, we packed a full table of supplies in over 100 bags for children in need where we will be going.

    I think the cry of the human heart is love, and that love is expressed in many ways.  I am guilty of that love lacking in my heart.  Thankfully, that is what community is all about, expressing an example so others can receive that love, and turn to express it to others.

    The love that this little church showed us was amazing.  The pastor welcomed my arrival at the beginning of service and offered to bring me coffee.  Later I learned that he came from Cuba to Canada and has planted 40 Spanish churches here.  I thought, “Who am I that you should bring ME coffee??  I should be waiting on you!!”

    This was an example to me of the cry of the heart being met, overflowing, with felt needs and beyond.

    And yet, even I will struggle on a daily basis, with a question: “How does this gospel I proclaim do anything real in my life and need here and now?”

    Well, I guess that’s something we get to keep working out.

    Cheers my friend.  I like your blog.

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