The reality of the Christian life is a hard one. We find the wrestling with the dead, old man to be quite a tiresome, life consuming event, yet we long to be consumed by the person of Jesus, the life of the Holy Ghost, and the power of the Father at work in and through us.

In no way am I some sort of expert in living a victorious life (and I think most of the “experts” are only self proclaimed). Still I find solace in the hope that drips from every page of the Bible, the hope of the salvation that will be revealed when Jesus returns for his spotless bride. As I console my self with this hope, I am continually reminded that this is not my individual hope, but the hope for all who would believe in the name of Jesus.

Since this hope is a community hope, I want to exort us in the mids of our Romans 7 lives to pray Romans 8 for ourselves, our loved ones, our congregations, and the Church universal.

Let us pray…