I have this friend on the interwebs: Miss Banshee. She is a lady, and she is rad as all get out.

She wants to have a conversation with me about philosophy. her words (From the Twitters):

the Christian and the disillusioned ex-Catholic school Agnostic? Let’s talk personal philosophy, man!

I’m going to let her introduce her self, and kick this conversation off.

A couple of things:

  • Miss Banshee is my friend. Usually I have very good commenters round these parts. However, if anyone decides to insult her personally, I’m gonna hunt you down and kick your ass. You will be blocked from commenting, and I will squeeze lemon juice in your eye. No warnings, no second chances. I value my friends and their thoughts, stories, and opinions. If you comment, be civil and respectful.
  • This is not the forum to try and proselytize.  We are having a conversation between friends about personal philosophy/spirituality. You are welcome to listen in, comment, and talk amongst your selves. Be aware that people commenting and posting here may have different positions than you. It’s not your place to try and argue them into the “right position”. In other words, don’t be a dick and/or doosh.
  • Miss Banshee will be posting her own words. I’m not going to edit anything. Her words are her own, my words are my own. “Swears” may come out (probably from me). Deal with it. We all have our own way of using language.

Alright kids, with that, I give the stage to Miss Banshee (She is a lady dammit! Don’t forget it!)