Oh the churches you’ll go- guest post from Sarah Smith

My wife (Sarah Smith) wrote this Seuss-ish poem about the church being a safe place. This is something we talk about often, and something very personal and important to me. The church should be a safe place, for everyone. Enjoy her bit of lightheartedness , and dream with us: what does a safe church actually look like?

*** *** ***

Congratulations! Today is your day. Jesus died for our sins, so that we could all be saved!

With regrets in your heart and blisters on your feet you might fear how a church will greet.

Shaking hands or saying hello might scare, but what if no one even acknowledges you’re there?

The balance is hard and the line is so small and I worry too many churches fall!

But you are not on your own! But with so many options how will you know the correct church to go?

Every church will judge you, some will not like you, some will be mean.

Except for those that don’t. Because some of them will, but some of them won’t.

What about what you believe, maybe you are certain but then maybe you are not.

What is safe to show, just what does a church want to know?

Too many questions and fears in my soul, I am just not comfortable choosing where to go!

I feel God! His presence is prevalent but what if I am unable to or uncertain how to celebrate Lent?

If I don’t take communion, does that mean? Do not truly believe that Jesus saved me?

What if parts of the Bible I do not believe or do not know, am I allowed to let my uncertainty show?

What if I panic at a particular sermon or blessing, what if I have to leave in the middle of a reading?

Please stand, please sit, bow your head, close your eyes… the Liturgy is uncomfortable for me!

I only know what Liturgy even is because my husband explained it to me. He is a big nerd for theology.

Without his translations of benediction and creed I’d be lost as can be!

Not every childhood is the same. Some never got blessings or said prayers, what a shame!

So how to bring all such people together? Making it safe for all to gather?

All people deserve a chance and a home, a safe place to share their soul.

A person is a person no matter how small! There is room in God’s heart and church for them all!

*** *** ***



Sarah is a Runner, Writer, Health Nut with a Sugar Addiction, Hopeless Idealist, Believer in Jesus and Praying for a Better Existence, Wannabe Adventurer, Determined not to be an Anxious Agoraphobic, Wife, And A Mommy!

  • I love you, Sarah! I want to hear you read this aloud sometime.

  • Caedmon

    Forget liturgy. I’m looking for a church with seussurgy!

  • Sarah Smith

    Hahahaha Natalie and Caedmon… I am working on making both of these things happen!!!! <3

  • Sarah Smith

    And I realise there are some typos… POOP!!!

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