Psalm 1

Some translations read “Happy are those…”
Others read “Blessed is the one…”
The Message says, “How well God must like you…”

My joy in life rests on God’s opinion of me.

He rejoices in/over me because I am like a tree that he planted in his garden, in Eden, not cavorting with and trying to claim worth from the wicked, the foolish, the out of step with God. Disjointed and craving their way is death.

But, I deep your word close, chewing in it for my nourishment. I am sustained and I bloom, bearing fruit time and tome again.

So, you enjoy me. Not because of what I do or refrain from doing, but because I am on the road you have charted out and called good… because I am growing into/being what you have had in mind all along: I am happy, I am blessed, I am rooted in you

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