Evergreen, Sundays Lately, my thoughts have drawn towards the end.  Realities of death have recently come close to home, and I’m reminded none of us get out of here alive. Yet,  death is not the end.  As christians,  we believe in life everlasting and a world eternal; because Jesus is resurrection is coming.

We hope…  but for what? We say we are saved,  but what does that mean if we are all doomed to die?  Is Christianity a viable hope for this life or is it just for some vague time still to come?

In short,  what can Jesus offer to a poor soul like mine?

I think finding the answers are wrapped up in the idea of rest.  All throughout the bible,  salvation is tied to rest. I would go as far as saying rest is the overarching biblical motif of salvation. From creation to the apocalypse and every promise in between, God is trying to get humanity into his rest.

I know some people might push back, saying salvation is about being saved from sin, from the wrath of God, from our own brokenness, from this evil up world, or even that we are saved so that we might do the works of God. Let me put forth that the idea of salvation as rest encompasses all of these topics and more. I think part of the problem is that we don’t understand what the bible means by rest. Sure, we could grab the dictionary and give a scientific definition, but remember that  here we are talking about one kind of rest: the rest of God. The rest of what it means to rest is embiggened and clarified by that caveat. To be inside the rest of God, his Sabbath if you will, is what we mean when we say biblical rest.

I want to start at creation and end at Revelation, a walk through the story of scripture with attention to the detail of rest. I want to learn how to rest. I want to learn what it means to rest. I want to find hope in God’s rest. I need this.

So, what does rest mean to you?