The Body of Christ

Imonk starts of the year talking about the beauty of God ruining church for him. I resonate with his story, even if my denominational history is different.

Let me just say, I firmly believe that none of us belong in any church. We only find our place in the kingdom by being the body of Christ, and that means that i have to accept the arms, ears, and hands that might not have the dogma that I hold so true. The hills of doctrine and dogma that we choose to fight over and die on must be given up and leveled so that we can say, “On Christ the solid rick I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, all other ground is sinking sand.

  • gracechild

    I think I would like to wander around the proverbial mall as Imonk puts it. But being a generally loyal and habitual creature, "shopping around" makes me feel guilty. It makes me wonder if I've lost my mind…It makes me wonder if, like a wave, I will be tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine. And I fear the wilderness imonk described.

  • Ive long thought about these kind of concerns. They are valid, but I think they come from a bad perspective.

    The waves of doctrine that will toss us to and fro can come even from within one “store”. So if the fear is that we are going to be entangled in wrong doctrine, staying loyal to our faith habits will not protect us. That is the kind of thinking that leads to the assumption that circumcision is necessary to really, truly believe.

    Unless we are anchored on/in the rock of Jesus, we will never find a safe harbor.

    The thing is, if we really are connected to the head (and there is only one head), then we are free to explore other expressions of faith because they are all part of the great tradition of following Jesus.

    So, it’s not so much “shopping around” as it is watching, learning, and sharing faith with someone else who is anchored to the same rock, confessing the same true truth, and following the same Lord.

  • gracechild

    P.S. I am not as comfortable in my own "store" as you might think. I am restless and disturbed with the exclusivity of it. If I were not, I would not even be thinking through posts like imonk's.

  • gracechild

    I think I can say, “True…well said.” I pray that the Rock will make me discerning and hold onto me as I hold on to Him. Thank you for your thoughts.

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