When we speak of “indecency”, we are usually left with thoughts of aghast socialites and woman on par with the Queen Mother gasping and swooning at the absurd audacity they have just witnessed. Often thoughts of nudity, earthy language, and swigging wine erupt in my thought association.So why and how could this word ever be attributed to anything to do with our God, who is holy and pure, righteous beyond blemish, and wholly above all creation?

The fact that Yahweh is not only rightly ascribed these descriptions, but actually defines their truest meaning is the very reason that indecency is committed when we trust Him… and He likes it.

Think about who you are… think about who I am… should Yahweh speak to one like me?

Should He even notice me, as filthy and bereft of purity as I am? I can just see it now: The royal precession makes its way through Zion on the streets of gold. Two angelic escorts lead on winged unicorns, shimmering bright. A long, luxurious carriage follows, drawn by giant, golden griffins. Behind the carriage is an entourage of glorious beings, all magnificently praising Yahweh with spontaneous songs sung in unison, voices dripping with sweet and rich tones. Dancers intermingle with the throng, some carelessly throwing flowers, others waving banners, all exuberantly following the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

The carriage itself is bustling with activity; Angels are dispatched to carry out any whim of His Holiness. And just as many return, running along side, reporting the goings on of all creation. Inside, the Lord is the center. Seraphs pour Him choice drinks, recite poems, sing songs, bow, hurry to joyously obey… And thus the King moves about Zion.

I know all this because I am there too, far underdressed in my stained tee-shirt, tattered jeans, and worn-out shoes. Covered with dirt, I feel out of place even in the sewers of this city. I have tried to stay away from the festive parade of wonders, but it is so beautiful and alive that I cannot bring myself to leave the sight of it. So, I sneak from building to building and tree to tree. There are no shadows for me to hide in, for the Lord is the light.

Now, the Joyous multitude moves into the central market place. Here is everyone in the city: Cherubs, seraphim, living creatures, archangels… they’re all here, and many more that I don’t yet have names for. I can barely stay out of sight behind the corner of this building. Now the carriage is stopping, and He speaks, “You there!” To my horror, everyone turns to look at me. Never have I felt more naked and revealed… until now, for Yahweh steps out of His mobile throne room and walks toward me.

What am I to do? I am undone! I am sure I have wet myself before the God of heaven and earth, for terror has seized me. The building does nothing to conceal me. He can see the true filth and mess of my life.

Here He is, right in front of me, looming and luminous. I can’t bear to look into His face, so I close my eyes and cringe, preparing to be smote… but the blow never falls.

His hand does touch me, and I feel his fingers intertwine with mine.

“Come on, let me love You.”

This whisper is too much to bear.

“Trust me.”

The gentle pull on my arm breaks my will, and I stumble forward.

How embarrassing! Yahweh has come to take me somewhere, and my first step almost causes me to fall on my face. In fact, if He had not been holding my hand I would have gotten a firsthand taste of these golden roadways.

He smiles at me, and gently continues to walk me… toward the center of the entire mass of creation. How embarrassing for Him to be seen with the likes of me! The angels must be silently clicking their tongues and thinking, “This is not fitting for someone of His prowess. What is He thinking?!”

He whispers over His shoulder, “Don’t worry about them. Trust me!” So I do, but He keeps leading me toward the center of the throng. We stop, right where everyone can see us. I am so very aware of my stained clothing, dirty hands and face, and my general not fitting into this situation at all.

God begins to undress. Now I am embarrassed for Him! If I wasn’t speechless I would beg Him to stop. He lays His shirt and pants on the edge of the well we are beside, beckons me closer, and speaks those indecent words again. “Trust me!” Again, I do.

He dips His hands into the well and pours the water over me. From somewhere (ex neilo perhaps?) He gets a towel, and begins to wash me. I fear that this won’t be enough to cleanse me. But here I notice the wounds in His hands, and find His blood everywhere He touches me; His blood is enough to cleanse me.

When I am clean and dry, He asks me to remove my rags. I look around nervously, ashamed to strip before Heaven and Earth. To this, His reply is to hold out the towel as a curtain for me to hide behind. “No one will see you but me. Trust me!” So I do, and there I am nude as a baby before God. I wonder “Now what?”

He says, “Put on my shirt and my pants.” Seeing my hesitation, He tells me. “I have plenty of cloths at my castle. You need to put these on. Trust me!” Again, I do, and when the curtain is dropped, I stand before the hosts of Heaven looking better than I ever have before. Yahweh beams over me as they all cheer.

Now, He leads me into His carriage, and seats me in His chair! I am too awestruck to say a word, and am barely aware of the King pouring me a glass of His favorite wine, anointing my head with oil, and binding up my wounds.

“Wait”, I cry. “You’re still naked, and I don’t deserve this!”

He smiles, continues caring for me, and gently says, “See what happens when you trust me. Soon I am going to send you out to tell the others to come, that I might act with the same indecency toward them. I love doing this, and who can judge Me? I will do what it is my pleasure to do. It pleases me to be good toward you, no matter how little you understand when we start. It might seem like you are being put to shame, but no one can shame you when I cover you. Just trust Me.”

So I do, and weep for the joy of it all.