Theological Statements

We live in a world of sound bites. Viral video’s will often be short (5 min at most) in length. Facebook is flooded life statements printed on a nifty instagramed photo. If it’s not digested quickly, we tend to move along.

No matter what we think about a world like this, it’s the reality of our “plugged in” life.

Theology has historically been the discipline of thinking well about God. Often times that “thinking well” was expressed in lectures, big books, and other generally non-sound bite friendly ways. While I think that we need more than a 60 second video to talk well about theology, I’m wondering if there are phrases we can craft that invite us to unpack the thought and talk about theology. I don’t claim to do this well… heck, I tend to ramble on like a hyped up 2-year-old. But it is something I think is valuable to do.

So, here is a short list of theological statements that I think invite people to have a good think/conversation about.

  • Theology is everywhere
  •  Fools and asshats: we will all get a seat at the table
  • Jesus is our gospel
  • Sin isn’t what you do; it’s how you are
  • Salvation is the rest of God
  • We aren’t saved yet
  • All will be well

I’m curious, what do you think about when you hear these statements? Do they make you want to hear more? Do you write them off? Are they just a sound bite to pass over? What would you add to the list?

Help me re-think how we can invite people to talk seriously about Jesus, gospel, and theology in an instant age.

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  • Graham

    “We aren’t saved yet” is a tough one, that I’ve thought of many times. The NT speaks of salvation in Perfect Passive Particples (e.g. Eph. 2), Present Passive Participles and Future Indicatives. Meaning salvation is done, being done, and not yet done at the same time (Paul uses all three). So we are saved, we are being saved and we will be saved. Catholic and Eastern Orthodox theology gets this better than us protestants (evangelicals in particular).

    • Agreed. It is a hard concept, and the pre-revival era church traditions do seem to understand living in the tension better than we evangelicals as a whole do. However, we need to think about it, we need to wrestle with it. I think that being open to actually dealing with the implications will open our sotierology to not yet believers. I mean, if we are all in the same boat (needing to be saved), and we can all face the truth that Jesus did the saving work already, maybe we can stop pretending like our efforts make a damn toward our righteous standing and travel the roads of salvation together.

  • I’m a lot like you, in that I could ramble on and on about pretty much any topic I’m interested in, like theology. Just reading those short statements sent my mind going in a million directions (ok, maybe not THAT many, but it did spark some ideas in me). I think a short, 5 minute video about those topics that leaves the viewer with questions to ponder would be a good way to get people deeper into the things of God.

    • Even more than 5 min videos, I would like to see statements like these invite one on one conversations about theology. Not where one person has the answers, but where people can think things through out of the box together. Social media is a great platform for fostering conversation. Why is the Church as a whole using it to promote sound bite platitudes of feel good faith and once for all proclamations of truth?

      (although, I will say I would love to make some of these statements into videos to spark conversation…)

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