A thought about God being “God of God’s” in which I reference Star Wars

Christianity isn’t a dualistic belief system.

We are not God’s Jedi fighting the Sith.

Truth is, Yahweh is, and he is good and he alone is God. There is never some power or darkness that can threaten him, dethrone him, or over shadow his great love.

There is none like him. No one compares to him.

Our God is great… so why do we make the Christian life about the battle between good and evil?

Love already won and Christ is the victor.

We don’t live in a balanced universe.

  • Great thoughts, dude! I was just having a discussion with someone on facebook about this, centered on entertainment. I was offering my take that we can enjoy something that isn’t particularly Christian for that which is true, beautiful or good. Because truth, beauty and goodness can only come from the God who gives all good things. There is no competing truth with God, for God is the author of all truth. There is no power that can overshadow him.

    Good words.

  • Lisa Perez

    I have never thought of it that way before.  I love what you said, ” Love already won and Christ is the victor.”  I just more CHRISTIANS would remember that because often times their actions in the name of God are the furtherst from love.  Love is patient, love is kind, love is NEVER hurtful….. AMEN! GREAT POST!

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