There once was a man who owed a very large debt. He had inherited it from his parents and then had added to the debt himself. No matter how much he tried, his payments were never enough to keep up with his account. It quickly became apparent that he could never have enough to pay off.

Before him lay a choice. On the one hand, he could continual try and pay off his debt, working hard and just hoping against all hope that someday it might just be enough. On the other hand, since this debt was so great anyways, he could choose to live in denial, pretend he was wealthy, and try to just enjoy life… hoping that the creditors never caught up with him. If the man was honest, both options had very little consolation to his soul.

One day, he heard a rumor that there was a gracious benefactor who was offering to pay the debts of others in full. At first, he brushed it off as a fairy tail… after all, who in there right mind would pay off someone else’s debt? And even if someone like that really existed, his debt was too large, no one could ever pay this kind of debt. But the rumors persisted. He even met some people who had accepted the benefactors offer, and they assured his the rumors were true. Eventually, he began to believe that such a gracious benefactor really existed. It was said that all the man had to do was to write a letter to the gracious benefactor accepting the offer to have his debt paid in full. So one morning the man with the debt sat down and wrote a letter to the gracious benefactor.

That evening, he found a letter in his mailbox from the gracious benefactor. It read:

Your debt is taken as my own, and I am more than able to pay it off in full. My store houses are lavishly full, and I want you to enjoy all that I have. Ask, and I shall graciously give just as I have graciously given you this check that will pay any debt in full when the time of accounting comes.

That you may believe my words are true, and that you may no more live as a man in debt, I have enclosed this earnest money. Write to me often, for I want to teach you how to live with this eager payment, and all the riches of my store houses. Find others who have also accepted my gift, and let them help you learn to live from my store houses.

All I ask is that you remember the kindness and grace I have shown you, and that you show love to your neighbor. Tell others with debts that I have the means and the desire to pay all debts in full. Share the hope and peace I am now giving you.

The man with the debt could not believe it was true, but there in the envelope was a check. On the check was written, “paid in full” and it was dated for the day of accounting. And (as if that was not enough) there was the earnest money as well. This was more than he could have ever earned in his life time.

“Truly this is a gracious benefactor.” thought the man. He rushed out of his home and found the others who had accepted the gracious benefactors offer. They gladly shared what they had learned from the gracious benefactor, and they encouraged the man to read the letters the gracious benefactor had already sent to all mankind. This man continued to grow in his love and understanding of the gracious benefactor, and over the years many letters were written between the two of them. The man learned how to live as a wealthy man instead of living as a debtor, and he tried to tell everyone he met about the gracious benefactor and his loving offer to pay all their debts.

I tell you the truth: when the day of accounting comes this man will stand justified before the Father in heaven.

Those who have ears, let them hear.