We have gathered this day to read the thoughts of a certain Cultural Savage…

A couple of helpful points when trying to make sense of all this ranting mess that seems to vomit forth from my head: most everything I say is going to come from the context of my relationship with God (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). By no means is this a sanitized relationship, and please accept these precursor apologies if I offend. But I can never stop struggling onward in the maturing of this new thing called “Eternal Life” that has been birthed in me. I am grateful for any and all that read this beautiful mess… and for those of you who dare to venture into the realm of conversation and interaction I applaud you, and will be sure to petition for your knighthood post haste.

  • Anonymous

    you can bet I will be passing this on to Richard Lebedda.

  • Anonymous

    One word of caution. The Lord loves the church. The Lord wants the church, the Bride, to be restored. The church in its present form is sick, but we need to work at building it up. Follow the lead of the Holy Spirit in your writing. Don't allow access to the enemy to harm the very thing the Lord loves. I agree the church needs to change into a relationship with the Lord and move away from church for churches sake, but ere on the side of the cross.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not sure I understand anonymous' comment. Who said anything about throwing the church out the window? I see a love for the Body of Christ in these writings, coupled with a frustration with the church's illness. I agree that God wants restoration for the Church, but this may not come without serious surgery. "Modern Christianity" – to make a generalization – is virtually blind to the depth of the church's wounds. Furthermore, "Modern Christianity" fails to recognize it's culpability for the prolongation of the infection.

  • See, this is why people need names…

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