What would you invest in?

Would you invest time, resources, money, etc… into someone who might become a church planter?

What if we helped identify peoples gifts, trained them to use them in a local context, mentored them, gave them a laptop full of resources and ideas… all before they they were ready to “launch” a new church plant? Like years before. Like so far in advance, they may not even be sure they want to be a missional Church planter…

What if we (prayerfully, as local communities, with the support of a larger network of congregations) chose to invest in every way in the gifting/calling/work of God in someone’s life, rather than a single project (Church plant).

  • Here’s the thing. We ought to be investing that sort of way in everyone in the church. 

    • Yes! Yes we should! Understanding that gifts belong to/come from/are best expressed by every one is vital.

      I think that in *most* contexts, in order to get us from here to there, we are going to have to start somewhere… and if we start with the people we are investing in sending out, chances are more communities are going to grow up thinking that mutual investment is normative and proper for people who believe Jesus. That in turn is going to effect the landscape of “the Church” and become a prophetic call for “old”congregations to re-imagine them selves in light of the spiritual grace that the Spirit chooses to express through every person who is part of their community.

      But, like I said, we have to start somewhere.

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