I am a writer, but I am also a reader. I write in the midst of reading and interactig with other people. A community exists, ad I am a part of it. Part of being a good writer is using these words of mine to point out other peoples words you should be reading. This is’t a scapegoat for my own content creation; it is the acknowledgement of good words that others will enjoy, others need to hear, and that we all benefit from. Sharing other writers/bloggers words is a discipline of commuity, acknowledgement, and respect.

Also, it is also pointing out that I would like to write words that other writers share with their communities and tribes. As the golden rule clearly dictates, if I want others to share my words, I should probably be willing to share the words of others.

So today, I am publicly practicing sharing a few other writers I think you should read.

Freewayhome: So Luke is a guy I just met through My Killer Tribes. He likes hugs. Also, he can write. I like the way his blog works. Each week, he posts three things tied to the same theme. He can write well too, so the posts are fun, engaging, and make me think. It’s a crazy blog, very different from other blogs out there, but it makes sense. Very worth the time to keep up with.

Jamie the Very worst Missionary: Jamie writes with honesty, humor, and passion. She has spent the past five years with her family in Costa Rica doing the “long term” Missionary gig. Now, they are moving back to California. Throughout all these changes, she writes about what is broken in the church/missionary world, as well as her growth with God, as a mom, as a wife, and as a non-douche bag person. I dig her words, hard.

And.A.Mommy: Sarah is my wife. She is the most honest person I know. She recently started blogging to share her freaking delicious recipes, as well as to help her sort through emotional/life issues. It’s hard to read some of the things she writes, but I think she is so brave for writing the hard things. Her desire to be an all over healthy person is contagious, and I’m looking forward to the words she has yet to write.

Schmutzie: Schmutzie (aka Elan) is the kind of blogger I hope to be some day. I can honestly say, she has probably inspired and affected my concept of what a blogger can do more than anyone else on the internet. She constantly has good words to read. She takes great pictures. She’s honest. She’s insecure. She is funny. She is talented. She is friendly. Put her in your rss reader, and enjoy the journey while being encouraged to find your own huma voice.

None of these bloggers know I am linking to them today, none of them need the traffic I might generate for them, but all of them are writers of words I need to hear and love to read. Sharing good words is the job of a writer. Sometimes, those words will be mine. Other times, they will be the words of others. Either way, good words matter. Wherever they are found, I need to remember that the underlying job of the writer is to make good words known. Sharing others work, others words, it’s part of the life of a writer.

What good words do you wat to share today? Put a link in the comments to some bloggers we should be paying attention to.