Today I am happy to share a post from someone who has quickly become a friend (and whom I am hiring to edit my book): Andi Cumbo. She has a big dream called God’s Whisper Farm. This crazy dream has her writing a book (God’s Whisper Manifesto), living in an old farm-house, fixing up the land, and sharing this dream with everyone she meets. Andi has made her dream into something that belongs to everyone who wants in. Hear her dream. It’s a good one.


God's Whisper Farm

We wake when we want and have coffee from the two pots brewing – one flavored, one not; both organic and roasted locally. We sit and look out windows or chat as we cook grits. Someone pets Meander’s warm belly on the couch.

As morning pushes us to awake, we put our dishes in the sink, refill our mugs, and go to work – some to desks, some to the garden, some to the porch where a swing and a hand-crocheted afghan await for us and our reading.

We spend the day as we wish, doing what need for that day.

Then, in the evening, we gather at the long table and eat. Potato and leek soup today with homemade bread. We sip wine or iced tea or more coffee. We tell stories and laugh. We might even cry. Then, we share our evening by a fire or on a walk. We might go to Rapunzel’s and hear a show or listen as one of us takes out a guitar to play and another holds scribbled pages and almost breathes them to us.

This is a day on God’s Whisper Farm.

This is my dream.

I want to share it with you. Yes, you, person who I have never met. I want to have you over and sip coffee or ginger tea. I want you to come find rest here – rest from work and time for dreams. Please, won’t you visit?

And bring Aaron. He is already a big part of this place, and I want him to put his feet on the earth here.

So when you comin’?

Andi CumboAndi Cumbo is a writer, editor, and writing teacher who lives on God’s Whisper Farm, a place that she wants to make into a retreat for writers, musicians, and other weary souls. You can read more about her dream in her book God’s Whisper Manifesto, and you can read her other random thoughts on writing, dreams, and life with a puppy and three cats at her blog –