Christmas and the Grave: Harry Potter at Godric’s Hollow

Today is my first post an The Hogs Head, a site all about Harry Potter and it’s associated nerdomes. I’ve done site design and blog support for the site for a few years, and am excited to finally have the courage to start writing over there a bit. Basically, I get to let my nerd flag fly.

My first post at The Hogs Head is “Christmas and the Grave”, about Harry at Godric’s hollow.

One of the most emotionally charged passages in the Harry Potter books (for me anyways) is Harry at Godric’s hollow. It is at once beautiful and serene, yet full of anguish and bitter grief. This scene, along with all chapter 16 and 17, highlight a major theme in the entire Harry Potter story line: dying well. This is ultimately what Harry has to learn to defeat Voldemort (precisely because Voldemort refused to learn the value of a good death), and through the memory of his parents and their sacrifice, it is a lesson that Harry has been learning since his first year at Hogwarts.

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    You know that weird and awesome feeling when two of your favourite people, whom you know independently, suddenly turn out to know each other as well? That’s about how I’m feeling right now. An overlap between my favourite blogosphere and my favourite fandom! Maybe the world isn’t such a terrible place after all.

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