CreateVsCopyThere is lots of bullshit on the internet.

While this statement can be true in multiple areas, today I’m thinking about success. How many people are offering a step by step promise to get 10,000 followers in 8 months? How many people are guaranteeing growing your platform after you take their course? How many people are telling you how to write that book, how to blog, how to be a writer, how to be successful?

There is lots of bullshit about success on the internet.

Most of these courses, groups, and plans that I’ve seen are nothing more than a regurgitation of the same ideas. They worked for one person, so here is how to replicate their success. Here is how to do what they did. Here is how to copy them.

Now, the validity of these courses, classes, and gurus are questionable at best. I mean you really can’t guarantee my success, growth, book deal anymore than you can change the weather forecast with your mind. They are simply (probably unintentionally) lying to you. Yet they still rehash the same damn ideas over and over and over and over and over.

Where is the creativity?


So there is a book I’m going to tell you about.

It’s a book about creativity. Before you roll your eyes and sigh, “another one?!?” let me say that this one I found very rejuvenating and refreshing. It’s by Ken Wytsma and it’s called Create vs Copy. In it, Ken lays out a theology of creativity, painting creativity as an act rooted in, stemming from, and pointing to redemption. This is new. Most books, posts, and classes about creativity talk bout it’s practice, about what to do to be a creative person. Ken starts out differently. And with good reason. He’s not set out to share the same information we’ve all heard before. He’s not set out to copy the success of others. He is being creative, fighting against the status quo that surrounds the topic of creativity.

Ken also asserts and defends that we are all creative people. This isn’t just about being an artsy person. This is all about being made in the image of God. As such, we are imbued with creativity. We think up pet names, solve problems, daydream. Basically, we are creativity in so many ways we just never notice it. Ken illuminates that for us.

The second half of the book is an implementation of the theology of creativity. It centers around using our imagination to rethink problems and solutions. Imagination leads to innovation, which is a creative move away from the copy mentality, which leads to a generosity that makes space for life to flourish.

If we are born to create, innovation isn’t just about harnessing creativity – it’s actually about restoring creativity to its rightful place at the heart of all we do.

-Ken Wytsma

The heart of this book is to help us move into our creativity as creatures made in the image of a creative God instead of copying what others are already doing and maintaining the status quo of entropy leading to death.


Back to the bullshit.

Copying someone is ignoring creativity, even if they promise the gold at the end of the rainbow. Falling into the “steps to success” rut is just going to make you blend into the woodwork with all the other people.

Let’s make something new. Let’s get it wrong and try again. Let’s dance with our imaginations. Let’s be different. Let’s not be bullshit.

I’m giving away a copy of Create vs Copy to one of the commenters on this post. Comment by Monday, April 4th to be entered to win.