Little Miss Perfect: Pageant Parents Go Way Too Far – MamaPop™.com.

Please stop telling your daughter that she is only valuable for her looks, performance, and sexuality. Your just going to make her into another vapid, neurotic mess that is “past her prime” as a junior in college.

Sure, little girls like to dress up, show off, and be the center of attention. That’s part of allot of kids development into self identifying persons. But for an adult to exploit such an innocent norm is perversion at it’s finest. For the parent of the child to exploit it… there is a special place in hell for such evil, and Hitler is glad he didn’t end up there.

What ever happened to protecting our sons and daughters? When did we stop nurturing them and start treating them as show dogs, little pets to do tricks and show off for us. In actuality, you are just showing off your own neurosis and shallow self identity.

Get some therapy, and let your child be a kid.