Sex Trafficking Numbers

Sex trafficking is a big industry.

The sex trafficking industry enslaves an estimated twenty-seven million people. That is 27,000,000 individuals that are slaves, treated as a commodity, bought and sold for the express purpose of  making money from sex.

Twenty Seven Million people.


Fifty percent of the total number people bought and sold for sex are children.  That is 13,500,000 children.

Eighty percent of the total number of people bought and sold for sex are women. That is 21,600,000 women.

All sex slaves.

Billion Dollar Business

All together earning slave traders Thirty-two billion dollars (  $32,000,000,000) last year.

That is far, far, far too much.

These numbers stagger me. There are so many zeros that my brain has no real comprehension of these numbers. The issue of sex trafficking is so large that my intelligent brain can’t wrap its head around the number of humans bought and sold for the sake of sex. The kind of money that sex trade brings in is inconceivable to me.

So, let’s break it down like this: human beings are bought and sold as sex slaves for an average of $90.00 per person.

A Playstation 3 costs more than a human being. On average, people spend about $164.71 on coffee in a year. That is almost twice what the average human being is bought and sold for.

It all Adds Up

This is a world-wide epidemic. The numbers are outrageous, but what it comes down to is this: sex trafficking is a lucrative industry that turns human beings into goods and services to be sold. all those figures, all those numbers, all those zeros, they all are representative of real people in real situations, being really trafficked for sex.

This is too much.

It kills me that these numbers are all human beings, made in the image of God, being sold for sex. It pisses me off that people choose to buy other human beings for the sake of sex. It breaks me that this is an industry that brings so much wealth to the pockets of sex slavers.

It wrecks me that all these numbers add up to a problem that is so overwhelming.

But I have hope.

On Tuesday, I received an email from The Exodus Road. In it were a different set of numbers.

What has your money accomplished?

In the past 13 months, The Exodus Road has been directly involved with 191 people being rescued from sex slavery. Since January of 2013, there has been two hundred thirty-five thousand nine hundred ninety-seven dollars and seventy-three cents ($235,997.73) given to directly fight sex trafficking. Since January alone, that adds up to 189 human beings being rescued. Over seventy people have been arrested for sex trafficking crimes.

This is all from January of 2013, and only in SE Asia and India.

It is just the start of the addition.

Thirty-Five Bucks Against Sex Trafficking

I give $35.00 a month to fund counter trafficking work. It’s not allot when we look at the numbers connected with the sex trafficking industry. Hell, people spend over twice that much on average for a trafficked human. My $35.00 isn’t going to do much… but the investigator I am funding, he is going to do something. He is already at work collecting evidence to give to local police and government agencies, to give them cause, reason, and proof enough to hold a raid. From those raids, victims see rescue, and justice is sought.

Thirty-five dollars a month, and I am helping fund rescue. I am helping fund this different set of numbers. I am empowering s person to work with a team to go and do active counter trafficking work.

I am really looking forward to the next financial report from The Exodus road because it is going to have numbers included in it from the new work in the US. Our home soil is going to start seeing some of these numbers against sex trafficking.

I would really like you to be part of those numbers with me. Thirty-five dollars isn’t a lot of money each month, but it goes to do some great work.It might sound cheesy and cliché, but I really believe that together we can add up to something greater than ourselves. Together, we can fund counter trafficking work here in the US.

Help me fund Charlie Team here in the US Donate here. In the box labeled “ADDITIONAL INFORMATION”, put down “Charlie Team- CulturalSavage”. Then, leave a comment or email me and let me know you are joining me to add up some better numbers.