The War Against Hopelessness | Amber Naslund | Inaccurate Reality.

Depression is a silent thief of life. It steals the life of those it convinces to remain silent about needing help.

Depression does not mean your not strong enough or not good enough or just don’t have your shit together.

Depression does not mean that you are the only one who ever feels this way.

Depression is not something to keep quite about, hoping that it will pass so that you can feel normal.

Yes, everyone get’s down and sad sometimes; that is normal. When these emotions keep getting lower and lower, when you start shutting down to the world around you (and even your self), when it starts to feel and look like you are never going to see any light at the end of the tunnel, when thoughts of suicide are frequent and demanding… this isn’t normal. This isn’t just something you gotta shake off and start being happy again. This is depression as a mood disorder, and it needs to be seen for what it is.

I’m Bi-Polar II. Without my medication, I deal with this kind of depression. Deal is the wrong word. I exist in this kind of depression at times. It isn’t something I can deal with on my own. I need help. For me, help came in the form of counseling and medication. I never would have received this help if I didn’t speak up.

Don’t be silent. Don’t believe the stigma of “crazy” we want to associate with mood disorders and depression. Don’t buy into the lie that there is no hope.

If you aren’t someone who suffers from this kind of affliction, you need to know that you  need to speak up as well. Acceptance needs to come from all spheres so that we can help people find help.