Dear God, I know it’s been a few years since you did the whole “I will smiteth thee” thing (unless Pat Robertson is right… well, we wont go there…), but do you think you could go all Old Testament on these jackass douche bags?

Thoughts in a Haystack: Georgia On My Mind … and Out of Its. (ht to Harmless Anarchist over at the BHT)

“Hey guys, I got an idea: how about instead of defending and fighting for the little girls caught up in sex trade and slavery in our area we go ahead and make sure they know they a criminals… you know to ’scare them straight’.  Ya, that’ll solve the problems of 12 yr olds wanting to get into whoring. Gotta teach them it’s not a good career path.”

Ya, cause that’s WWJD and all…

I cannot even express how furious this makes me. I want to punch each and every one of these bastards in the throat. It makes me sick to think that people who clam to follow Jesus not only refuse to fight against sexual slavery and the abuse of young children but also want to criminalize them for the abuse they have suffered.

This is evil. This is how I know humanity is broken and wretched to the core.

Oh God that you would break the teeth of the wicked