Throwing a few dollars in my Paypal account with the donate button does three things:

It allows my family to keep on living. We deal with mental illness in this household. Practically speaking, that means I have to take time off work on a regular basis to deal with medication changes, hard days, and some days to help take care of my wife and sons. Being a one income family, this can lead to some slim paychecks. Unfortunately, rent, groceries, utilities, and doctor bills don’t change when my paycheck gets smaller. Donations can help us offset some of these hard times.

It keeps me writing. To be honest, it is hard to keep working on books, blog essays, work a 40 hour a week job and still have time for my family and friends.┬áSometimes gifts and donations allow me to focus time and energy on writing by taking a day or two off work so I can just write. The margins this creates are good for my family.┬áMaintaining my blog doesn’t cost very much ($60 a year), but it still costs money. I would like to go to some conferences and events to connect with other writers, agents, and publishers. All of this costs time and money. Donations can help keep this writing life going.

It keeps dreams alive. I want to somehow be a full-time writer. I want to have an income stream that supports my family without fear. I want to be able to give my time to other people, to help form Christian communities, and to be able to give to those we can without calculating if it will make our rent check bounce or not. My wife shares these dreams with me. You may not be able to fully fund these dreams, but donations tell us that maybe we are on the right path, and these dreams are important.

If you choose to gift us with a few dollars, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are helping my family live, dreams grow strong, and helping me continue as a writer. Thank you.