Getting Help

Getting help is hard. First, there are the phone calls. You have to make them yourself due to privacy laws. So you call around and try to find a clinician that doesn’t already have a full roster. Then you wait. At least a week. Sometimes a month or more. Then you get to try on… Continue Reading

The Bible and Mental Illness

I used to quote scripture at my mental illness. Before I was diagnosed, I didn’t know what bipolar was. I didn’t understand depression or mania. I could only tell you what I was feeling, what I was experiencing. I only had a spiritual language to describe what was happening. It’s the only thing I knew… Continue Reading

Sad Songs About Church

I am grieving. Anger, doubt, fear, and sadness wash over me like waves on the rocky shore. It catches me off guard, throwing off my hours and days. It consumes me at times. Other times it brings nostalgia. I’m working on the acceptance part of the grief cycle. After all, it’s been months, years. Still,… Continue Reading


I’m sure they meant well. I’m sure they didn’t mean to crush my heart and wither my soul. I’m sure they didn’t mean to degrade me and make me feel worthless. I’m sure they didn’t mean to shame me. But they did. Crouched in a paragraph questioning why I was asking for financial assistance for… Continue Reading

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