Maybe I need to go back to IOP. Maybe I don’t need an intensive outpatient program. Maybe I need to check myself into a psych ward for a while. Maybe I need more therapy, more medicine, more treatment for my mental illness. Whatever I need, I need something because I can feel myself slipping. I’ve… Continue Reading

I Want to Keep Living

Trigger warning: I talk about the desire to die in this post. I also talk about wanting to live. Proceed with caution if this is a sensitive subject for you. Sometimes I want to die. Sometimes It’s just too much. Sometimes life is overwhelming. Sometimes I feel so fragile in the middle of the storm… Continue Reading

Writing is an Act of Defiance

Writing is sometimes an act of defiance. It is defiance in the face of busyness, defiance in the face of scarcity, defiance in the face of a world that tells you only the practical things will help you survive. It is defiance against depression, defiance against spiritual attack, defiance against self-doubt. Writing as an act… Continue Reading

Suicidal Ideation

Trigger warning: I’m going to be talking about suicidal thoughts in this post. Please proceed with caution if this is something you (like me) live with. I’ve never tried to kill myself. I came close once. The only thing that prevented me from going through with it was the inability to find my dad’s gun… Continue Reading

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