Writing Without God

I always thought I would write theology. I felt a calling to dissect doctrine, exegete bible verses, and grasp at the unknown. I wanted to be one of the ones who helped others think and rethink of the truths of Christian faith. I wanted to write books about theology, about Jesus, about God. I wanted… Continue Reading

Nothing More Than Feelings

I just don’t feel God these days. It’s not that I don’t believe or anything. I mean I have doubts that eat at me, but don’t we all? I’m talking about that feeling of closeness with God that victorious Christians are supposed to feel. In fact, I don’t feel very victorious. I just don’t feel… Continue Reading

Regret and Self Forgiveness

Regret is a bastard. The way it clings us to the past, making us recite our flaws, our mistakes, our failures over and over. Regret replays our worst moments like a gif, looping again and again in our mind’s eye. Regret convinces us that if only we had done it differently, said something else, been a… Continue Reading

Making Up Adulthood

I am 13. At least, that’s what it feels like in my chest. I perceive myself to be this scrawny, pubescent teenager with big glasses and bad hair. Everyone else in the room is an adult. I’m the only one faking. I’m the imposter. I’m pretending to be an adult, dressed up in my parent’s… Continue Reading

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