Nothing between she and I…
and still I can’t touch her.
So much space
in a fraction of an inch.
So much distance
between the first kiss.
Too far long to overcome
what people seem the think
for now.

So I bang my head against this wall
and remind myself of why the door is locked.
Still, the key I have
I long to fit into her hand.
I have to remember
I need to remind
the whys of reason
and the truth of need.

Would a conversation be so bad?
Could all resolve be lost
from only extended
eye contact?

Honesty frightens me,
especially if anyone sees
these words.
But I must rely to You
for the basis of this truth
so that she and I won’t hurt,
especially her.

These butterflies won’t settle;
It’s either the flu or love.
I wonder when she feels the same.
(I swear I can see it in her eyes)
(and I swear she looks so good)

Oh, just kick my heart and
remind me how much the ache and
break hurts!
I will ask this:
Is the pain worth what
could be gained?