IMG_20140508_160509Is this medium over?

Is it time to hang up my posts, stop with the comments, and shut down this little corner of the internet that has been home for 10 or so years?

I don’t know.

The internet is changing, and blogging isn’t what it once was. There is more interaction on Facebook and twitter than there is in the comments. In fact, most people tell you never to read the comments because the internet trolls have made them variable landmines of blasphemy, hatred, ignorance, and spam.

Truth is, I don’t want to shut up shop. So here I am, blogging about blogging.

I still believe in blogs, in people taking the time to say something from their hearts and minds. I still believe in the power of personal story and the medium of blogging to connect people to each other’s stories. I still think there is value in what I’m doing here, what people Like Micah¬†Murray¬†and Elan Morgan and Sarah Bessy are doing. I believe in blogs as more than just a step to publishing a book. I believe in them as more than creating a platform.

I still like being a blogger. I like the challenge of the blank page, filling it with words, and sharing it here for you all to read. I enjoy the challenge week after week of doing this thing, pouring out my heart, bleeding on my blog, and hearing some of you go, “me too”. I like sharing myself here.

So I don’t know, maybe the days of blogging are over and it’s time to shut down. I don’t care if that is the case. I still like doing this thing.

I’m not planning on shutting up CulturalSavage any time soon. I still have more words to say. I still have parts of my heart I haven’t shared. I still believe in this thing I keep returning to, for my own sanity if not for anyone else.

I am going to be writing other places soon. I have some cool opportunities that are opening up for me. What I write here will continue to evolve and change. I may even start doing things differently. But I’m still going to return to this space, my internet home. These are my words, my work, my life blood. This is where I get to come alive.

Blogging can’t be dead because I’m still blogging.