This is a recreation of a post I lost due to a database crash. So if you saw it previously and are wondering, “What the heck?” that’s what’s up.

Something occurred to me recently. I’ve blogged in some form since 2004(ish). I registered my domain in 2008, and have written at CulturalSavage ever since. In all that time I have never had the foggiest idea of who is actually reading my ramblings. I figure now is as good a time as any to change that.

So, here is your chance to tell me all about you. Do you blog? Do you like bacon? How much coffee do you drink? Do you have a family? What are your ideas on double predestination? Where are you from? What are your spiritual beliefs? How awesome are you? What is your name for crying out loud!?

I’ve said enough on this blog  already. Now it’s your turn. Who the heck are you?