Getting to know you…

This is a recreation of a post I lost due to a database crash. So if you saw it previously and are wondering, “What the heck?” that’s what’s up.

Something occurred to me recently. I’ve blogged in some form since 2004(ish). I registered my domain in 2008, and have written at CulturalSavage ever since. In all that time I have never had the foggiest idea of who is actually reading my ramblings. I figure now is as good a time as any to change that.

So, here is your chance to tell me all about you. Do you blog? Do you like bacon? How much coffee do you drink? Do you have a family? What are your ideas on double predestination? Where are you from? What are your spiritual beliefs? How awesome are you? What is your name for crying out loud!?

I’ve said enough on this blog  already. Now it’s your turn. Who the heck are you?

  • Ken_vandergriff

    Fellow blogger. 31, father of 4 and a divinity school student. Love God, family and friends blog is at Love bacon though trying to get off of it for my diet. I believe God loves all His children and that all His children will one day be in heaven with him. Favorite bible verse is 2 Timothy 2:11-13

    • Welcome Ken! I understand about loving bacon but not having it due to diet. It’s a sad consequence to living in a fallen world. In the new heaven and earth, bacon will abound on our plates. 🙂

       Glad to have you around! 

  • Hi!

    I kinda blog. But not really. Mostly I tweet. (@cspokey:twitter )
    I have a family, but I am not married. 
    I love love love bacon.
    I don’t remember how long I’ve been lurking. A couple years maybe?
    I don’t drink coffee, but I love Dr Pepper. 
    People tell me I’m awesome, so maybe I am? 

    I am a college student (studying Psychology). I live at home because it’s close and free rent and free food. I battle depression. I am a Christian (LDS). 

    • Very nice to meet you.
      So you have been lurking around for a couple of years? I’m impressed you stuck with all my changes, crappy writing, and general lack of constant posting. Plus, in all that time I never said anything inflamitory enough to get you to speak up? Wow, I’m losing my edge. 
      Anyways, thanks for sticking around. Seriously. I do hope you’ll speak up a bit more often now.

  • Hey-oh. Guess I’ll jump in first: Yes (here: Yes. Like you wouldn’t believe. About a week. By the bucketfull. *scratches head*. TOTALLY!
    But seriously, I enjoyed our back-and-forth rant last week. Good stuffs. 🙂

    • So, I kinda started stalking your blog after you guess posted for Jamie (the very worst missionary, if you will). I dig your writings. Very glad to see you poking your pink hair round these parts!

      And, by the way… BUCKETFULS OF COFFEE FTW!!!!!

  • Let’s see here, what to say .. what to say ….

    I blog mostly on, which is more focused on my spiritual journey, but I also sometimes randomly write on my personal blog Both sites speak for themselves. 🙂

    I’m 28 and the only child. My parents are my family, I do not currently have a family of my own. One day though. 🙂 That’s the optimist in me.

    Bacon is good in moderation. Trying to watch what I eat, so not a lot of bacon is consumed.

    I’ve been lurking, reading, *cough stalking cough* (jk!) your blog for the past two months (?). I started reading it when I started following you via Twitter. A lot of content on here, I don’t think I’d be able to read through everything, but what I’ve read so far, my interest has been piqued. You’re an enigma. 🙂

    I drink one cup of coffee every morning to get my day started. Sometimes another later in the day but rarely. 

    I’m pretty frickin awesome, at least in my mind I am 😉

    As for anything else, you’d have to ask. But to sum it up, I’m pretty much an open-minded deep thinker and learner. I love, love, love talking about anything and everything & there really isn’t a mute button to me. Maybe somewhere … but I haven’t been able to find it lately. On the same hand, I like learning from others and growing in knowledge and my faith. I think it’s important. 🙂

    There are times where I am a loner too & I often get down & slightly depressed. It depends on my mood & what triggers it. Usually though I’m okay & ready to take on the world!

    So, yeah that’s all there is to me.

    What about you?

    • Julie, i dig having you round. You are defiantly a seeker, and full of questions! Good ones too, I might add. Thanks for stalking the blog! You have already pushed me to blog more, and for that I am thankful.

  • Graham

    Just started reading- I used to be a follower of the Boar’s Head, then got got crazy busy with school and work and family, so I took a hiatus.  Now that school is finished, I’m back blogging, and made it here. Started a new blog recently: Now I’m Pastor of Community Outreach at a mid-sized small Ontario town traditional Baptist Church, called to help transform it into a more connected and mission conscious group.

    • I love having people tied to the BHT show up here! Glad to have you reading! Please, if you have a comment share! I would love to hear from you especially given the work your doing as a pastor.

      Welcome Graham!

  • I am a song and dance man. 

  • Hmmm…let’s see:

     – I blog. A lot. In many different places. 
    My main blog is:
    My marketing blog is:
    My ministry blog is:
    And my Tumblr is:

    – I do have a family (mother, brother and uncle), but I’m still single.
    – Who doesn’t love bacon?! I mean really. If you don’t love bacon, I wonder if you’re really human.
    – I’m not sure how long I’ve been lurking…a year maybe?
    – I think I’m an average coffee drinker – one cup each morning that I work, and sometimes on – Friday afternoons.
    – On a scale from Superman to Quailman, I’m definitely a Superman – the height of awesomeness. And I’m humble, too  😀

    • Dude, you are by far the busiest, most productive person I know. I’m honored that you would take some time to read my stuff. I love having you comment and interact with me.

      • I love your thoughts man, I have grown tired of “that’s how we’ve always done it” Christianity, and I enjoy that you arent afraid to ask the deeper questions and wrestle with what it could be.

  • Pretty new here.

    Married 30-something, 3 kids, assoc. pastor in a church outside of Boston, 
    I blog at (Looking for the Third Way on the Slippery Slope)
    I enjoy mixing metaphors (like the Apostle Paul).  
    I’m on twitter – tg24 (follow me, I’ll follow back)
    Drink a lot of coffee.  Only what I regard as good coffee though. When offered “bad” coffee 
    (formerly exclusively known as “church” coffee), I would drink tea or just about anything else.
    In reality I like bacon but I am going to project myself as a contrarian here and say that bacon is over-rated.  #heresy?  

    • Bacon can’t be over-rated. It’s always better than you expect. 

      Nice to meet you Tim. And I fully agree about the coffee. Church coffee is theological proof of the sickness of sin.

  • Pretending this is a 160 character tweet…

    Singer, actor, writer/blogger guy. Bacon must be salty & crisp. Love laughter, bloopers, and creativity. Jesus is better than we thought.

  • Chrs

    I just lurk, bacon is delicious, I drink approximately thirty cups of coffee a week, family is far away, no idea what double predestination is meant to be. I’m a believing agnostic Georgian New Englander living in Texas. I am highly awesome. Also, I am a college student being eaten by finals which is why I am six days behind on my blog reading.

  • Rebekah

    Hi Aaron!
    I’m 29, live in SoCal (by necessity, not choice), work in PR, and have had your blog in my RSS for probably a couple of years. Found you via Boar’s Head Tavern, which I still read regularly.
    I blog, but sporadically. And mostly about running. (
    I love bacon.
    I grew up in the NW, so I drink a lot of coffee.
    My family consists of my husband and a very spoiled Australian shepherd.
    I believe in Jesus. I’m still trying to sort out the good vs. bad from my conservative charismatic upbringing.
    My dog thinks I’m super-awesome. My husband usually agrees.

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