So tell me,
is it so inconsequential
that I’m sitting alone
one more night full of questions
and I’m wandering on
and on…

So what if I
can’t always stay on course.
I’m just a normal man
and I want to find
some place where I belong.

So is it all so important,
to be some better man?
Useless endeavors
surround me, enticing and trapping.
I get so tired,
such a burn out.
Will I fade out
as I lose the effort to change?

So is it all
so inconsequential
that I’m sitting here?
I feel I should
be surrounded with
fellow seekers.
Other people who honestly
talk as I do,
other people who really care.

Maybe a mood has captured my soul.
Maybe this is nothing more
than the same old lines.
But I gotta believe
that something
leads to something real
and I can really talk
about everything I fear
about my faults,
indulgences and flaws
and that You might listen
and still let me in
to your embrace.

Something brushes my cheek,
And I swear it’s a kiss,
Heavenly and sweet.
Something wants to hear all my honesty;
You want to listen
And believe…
… in me.