A few weeks ago, Bryan Allain (founder of the blogger community My Killer Tribe) introduced me to Jeff Goins by recommending his new ebook “You are a Writer (so start acting like it)“. I read the book , and started paying attention to Jeff, primarily because of his passion to help writers write for the love of and need to write. In a culture that is telling bloggers the key to making money, the trick to a million hits and followers, and other such “success” tricks, it’s refreshing to hear someone say, “write for the passion of writing. Do the work, write the words; don’t do it to be famous. Do it because you are a writer.”

Tomorrow, Jeff is starting a 15 post series based on his thoughts in “You are a Writer”. The idea behind this series is intriguing to me:

All great things come with practice, and writing is no different. If you want to move from mediocrity to mastery, you’re going to need to do what the masters do. You’re going to have to form new habits.

Basically, he’s urging us writers to learn to do the work, put in the time, show up with your words, and write.  A bunch of people have already decided they are going to follow along with Jeff, do some practice, and learn better habits for writing. I am one of them.

This post is partly to invite other writers to join in and take advantage of what looks to be a great resource. I’m also writing this post as a sort of public declaration that I am a writer and I am going to learn to be a good writer. The content on this blog has been inconstant. I want to change that. This is my place on the web. I want to regularly fill it with my words, thoughts, stories, images… I want to treat what I have to say and think as important. I want to write something and hit “publish” more often than not. I have things to say, things that matter to me. I hope they matter to you. Truth is, I’ll never know who else they matter to unless I can share that voice, those words, my thoughts and heart. I want to find my tribe, because I’m tired of feeling alone in my passions. I want to write better and make a difference through those words.

So, for the next little bit, content might be changing around here. I am still Jesus obsessed; I am still a theological dreamer. I need to discipline my self to write about it better. I need better habits. I need to practice this in public. I want to learn to show up, do the work, and finish well.


Now, you tell me: What do you want to be better at in life? Where do you need to publicly commit to practicing a change?