I was seen.

From the moment you first walked into that restaurant and waved at me, I have been seen. You understood as I finished up a blog post. You looked at me as we ate. You embraced me, and it was comfortable from the first moment.

I have always felt comfortable around you, even through my anxiety about time, panic attacks, and distracted thoughts. Comfortable to laugh. Comfortable to love. Comfortable to learn to let myself open up to you. I’ve always felt this way around you like I can be myself, let down my masks, and that I might be accepted.

Not being accepted is a fear of mine. A big fear. Your actions, words, and love towards me have lessened that fear. You make me feel like that fear can be conquered completely. That is a gift to my weary, frightened heart. You accept me without hesitation. You embrace me without concern. You show me that I can be loved in so many ways. I’m nothing but grateful.

The fact is you still see me. You always know that my heart has value and worth. You still encourage me to follow my dreams, something that too many people in my life have told me not to do. You’re not one of the dissenting voices in my life. Your acceptance and continued encouragement mean that I don’t go on alone, that I have someone who cares and who works beside me.

I’m thankful you are in my life, grateful that I know you and am seen by you.

But the truth is, I also see you. I look at your heart your fire, your passion. It’s inspiring and beautiful. I know a person that is like me, a twin flame that burns the same way I do. Seeing you leaves me breathless and not alone. Seeing you makes me feel like I have a place in the world. Seeing you makes me happy.

What you mean to me cannot be boiled down to a few sentiments, a few paragraphs, a hand full of words. You mean too much to me. It’s hard sometimes to show you how grateful I am merely for your existence. And honestly, it’s the fact that you exist that I celebrate. You exist, and I am seen. You exist, and I see. You exist, and I am accepted and embraced. You exist so I can embrace and believe in you.

I have been seen, and I don’t want to go back to being invisible. I don’t believe you would ever let me. And I’ll never let you be invisible or overlooked. I’m in this with you. I am here, not somewhere else. You found me, and I found you. In finding each other, we have become robust, more viable to the cosmos.

I celebrate you with my little words. I honor your very being, your heart and soul. You are worth celebrating. It’s not what you do (though that is amazing) nor what you say (with your beautiful words). It’s who you are that draws me to you. Who you are has seen me, and I have seen who you are. This is what it means to burn together, to be twin flames. It means I know your core and love you to the deepest parts of yourself.

I love you.