I guess someday I will see,
just like the old men said to me.
So will it all look the same?
Will it finally look like a normal life?

Here in these moments
that take years to accomplish
I find myself at a loss for words,
or maybe just wishing someone was around to hear
that feeling alone always makes me tired.
But they are all gone,
the ears and eyes that use to pay
so much time to give attention.
And I have nothing left to give, or lose.
So maybe the old men are sane
saying that “it all ends up the same.
A little bit of laughter a midst these scattered tears
and next thing you know, you’ve passed through many years.
And finally you will see
that for now you’re young.”
But still I feel alone
and this silence keeps coming on.

All these stuttering words that I pray
get lost in the clouds today
and the rain returns them to me.
Has heaven closed it’s door?
Then why do I feel alone?
Am I just to young to be asking these sort of things?
I have youth and life, and shouldn’t be this afraid.
But still I am
and still… I need a friend.
As for girls, my heart is broken hard
and so now I try to keep this one in my arms
but still the while trying to keep the wonder new.
The men with their coffee
say, “I’ve been there the same
so let an old one help you with the game”,
proceeding to explain my very life to me.
And I’m still asking God to pierce the rain
and be close to me.

My life is just like his life,
and just like his life the story goes.
Can I see the now thorough olden eyes
and learn to see ordinary majesty?
And learn to see
time going on.

I guess someday I will see,
just like the old men said to me.