I feel so under-creative right now, it’s almost laughable.

Here I sit, imbibing the goodness of a local coffee shop, listening to some good tunes, and trying desperatly to write a “script” for a stations of the cross experience happening on good Friday. Even with deadlines my creative spark remains under a basket, or possibly behind the fridge. I’m never quite sure what’s to be found back there.

Allow me to navel gaze for a moment. Creativity is much more than something that a muse blesses me with every mow and then. For me, it is a sign of health. It means I am thinking clearly, reading well, and hopeful about my life and the world in which I live. Being creative feels like breathing, and I hold my breath far too long far too often.  So, this bout of under-creativity isn’t just making me sweat over project deadlines or feel dense… it’s making me feel as if I am turning blue and about to pass out.

You think I’m over exaggerating?

Maybe I am just crazy… I mean manic-depressive crazy, not just “I’m over thinking this aren’t I” crazy.

Anyways, enough of this belly button examination. All I ever find there is blue lint anyways. And why is it blue? I ware black or white tee-shirts. Where does the blue come from?

Changing gears…

I’m heading to Portland for a week in about a week. Really looking forward to this trip. One of my days up there, I am going to have coffee with Bob Hyatt, and pick his brain about Evergreen, emerging church, and what ever else I find to ramble on about.

(To tell the truth, I’m kind of star struck with the guy. But don’t tell anyone; I don’t want him to think I’m a stalk-ish fan boy or anything… cuz I’m not… promise… ok, now I feel awkward.)

Ok, so enough of this rambling session. I will leave you with one question: If scripture is meant to point us to Christ and we are replacing the reading of scripture with more announcements , more video illustrations, and more music from the band, what are we actually pointing to?

Kind of scary,ain’t it.