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Today we celebrate the birth of theology; the light of the world built a home in out shadow lands. This is the fulfillment of advent. We give gifts because we have been given much. We feast because the bread of life calls us all to the table. We share life because the darkness is being pushed back and life is teaching us love.

“Rejoice, rejoice! Emmanuel shall come to thee o Israel.”

Advent: what it is and why we wait

Yesterday marked the first Sunday in Advent, the time in the Church year that we look forward to and wait for Christmas. Christmas marks the coming of Emmanuel, God with us, the incarnation of the holy God becoming human and bringing the promised salvation to us all. Advent is the time we wait for this… Continue Reading

Magi and Mission

Epiphany is a season of the Church year, running from the 3rd Sunday after Christmas until Lent. It’s all about celebrating the living and active God who doesn’t play by our religious rules. Instead, He is missional and incarnational. At Epiphany, we celebrate common grace and salvation as verb, and we rejoice in Christ being… Continue Reading

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