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The War Against Hopelessness | Amber Naslund | Inaccurate Reality

The War Against Hopelessness | Amber Naslund | Inaccurate Reality

The War Against Hopelessness | Amber Naslund | Inaccurate Reality.

Depression is a silent thief of life. It steals the life of those it convinces to remain silent about needing help.

Depression does not mean your not strong enough or not good enough or just don’t have your shit together.

Depression does not mean that you are the only one who ever feels this way.

Depression is not something to keep quite about, hoping that it will pass so that you can feel normal. Continue Reading

Advent: what it is and why we wait

Yesterday marked the first Sunday in Advent, the time in the Church year that we look forward to and wait for Christmas. Christmas marks the coming of Emmanuel, God with us, the incarnation of the holy God becoming human and bringing the promised salvation to us all. Advent is the time we wait for this… Continue Reading

Metrics of Faithfulness

My friend Thomas Ward started a discussion with me via twitter about how one can measure faithfulness in following Jesus. This is the sermon rant that resulted from his challenge of factoring Matthew 25 into understanding measuring fidelity without falling into judging everyone by some standard of works. This this is long. Kudos to anyone… Continue Reading

What the Atonement Did

This is a condensed version of the ‘What the Atonement Did” series I wrote a few years back. This version appeared in the March 2007 edition of Next-Wave. We evangelical Christians talk a lot about atonement stories, throwing out theories of penal substitution, ransom, recapitulation, and so on. These are all good, but, this is… Continue Reading

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